Wounds are generally caused by diabetes, poor circulation, post surgical incisions, or other medical conditions. Wounds that fail to heal correctly, or heal too slowly, can be caused by a variety of physiological or medical conditions.

Our physicians and wound care specialists, from First Care Providers, work in conjunction with our dieticians and rehabilitation department to maximize proper healing. The treatment program involves measurements and evaluation of the wound to ensure proper healing and to adjust treatment if any changes are necessary.

Traditional infusion therapy or intravenous (I.V.) care was first available only in a hospital setting. We provide a bridge of care from the hospital to home. Because of shortened hospital stays, more and more patients are placed in a skilled nursing facility.

Nursing home residents who require I.V. Therapy have potential to alternatives other than hospitalization. The program offers services to patients discharged from the hospital, as well as patients seen by a physician. I.V. therapy may be administered on a regular or intermittent basis for patients who need specialized treatment for their diagnosis, but do not require hospitalization.

Whether its an arm around the shoulder or a pat on the back, I'm so touched by the personal interaction between the staff and residents.

- Stacey F.
Thanks, New Vista. The trip to the pier was pure poetry.  I haven't enjoyed myself so much in a while. Count me in for all the trips!

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