Residents are encouraged to dress in casual and comfortable clothing. Several sets of comfortable daytime clothes that include sweat pants, t-shirts, shorts or any items that do not snap or button are recommended.

Bring an electric shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, make-up and any other personal items to make your stay more comfortable.

Bring comfortable shoes for daily wear. Shoes that lace up or sneakers are best. Shoes that slip on or those with a higher than one-inch heel are not recommended since they could increase your risk of falling. Ask your therapist about specific questions related to footwear.

Discuss with your therapist any equipment such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs or respiratory equipment that may have been used at home.

If you prefer not to wear the gowns provided, bring several sets of sleepwear. Non-slip slippers are also recommended.

Some of our rooms are equipped with televisions, though you may choose to bring your personal television.

Electronic Appliances
For safety reasons, please notify a staff member when you bring any electronic devices to our center for your personal use. Our maintenance staff will be happy to inspect all radios, compact disc players, lamps, etc., that you may wish to have in your room.

Some of our rooms are equipped with telephones. You may also choose to have a personal telephone installed in your room. The cost of installation and monthly service is your responsibility. The admissions or maintenance director is available to assist in scheduling telephone hook-ups.

Personal Items
We are happy to work with you to personalize your room. Comforting items such as photos, pillows and blankets are encouraged. We encourage that jewelry, credit cards or any expensive, irreplaceable items be left with the family, at home or locked up in the center’s safe.

New Vista is a home away from home. With all my needs provided for, I can concentrate on recuperating and getting better.

- Gloria T.
When I was admitted to New Vista, the staff was so friendly and warm. They made me feel welcome, and I'm so glad that I came here.

- Peter F.

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